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BLT To Hold Auditions For ‘Arsenic And Old Lace’


Auditions for Brevard Little Theatre’s next production, “Arsenic and Old Lace” will be held this coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 27 and 28, at 2 p.m. at the theater’s newly air-conditioned venue, Brevard’s American Legion Hall at Johnson and Jordan streets.

This widely loved comedy was outrageously successful in New York, playing 1400 performances on Broadway as well as spinning off with a popular film version.

The show features two sprightly elderly ladies, the Brewster sisters, who are famous in their Brooklyn neighborhood for their various acts of charity. Unfortunately, however, the Brewsters are also homicidal maniacs. Part of their charity work involves poisoning homeless men who have no families to look after them. Besides the sisters who lead in this macabre little tale, the show features a host of interesting character roles:

Mortimer Brewster, 25 plus, the theater critic nephew, cynical with more than a touch of Manhattan sophistication; Jonathan Brewster, 30 plus, the ‘evil’ Brewster nephew, prides himself in his “Boris Karloff” speaking style; Teddy Brewster, 20 plus, the nephew who’s convinced he is the reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt.

Besides relatives, the play is peopled with a variety of characters ranging from the strange to the lovely. Included are: Dr. Einstein, 40 plus, a broken down seedy German with a weakness for drink; Elaine Harper, 20+, the attractive and fashionable daughter of the minister who lives next door; Mr. Witherspoon, a fastidious older gentleman who is superintendent of the Happy Dale Sanitarium; Mr. Biggs, a grumpy old gentleman interested in renting a room from the Brewsters; and Reverend Harper, 50 plus, an Episcopal Minister, Elaine’s dad and the next door neighbor.

Then there are the cops: Officer O’Hara, 30 plus, a frustrated playwright and good natured blowhard, Officer Brophy, around 50, a seasoned veteran of the Bronx police squad; Officer Klein, around 20, a rookie on the beat who loves to eat; and finally, Lt. Rooney, 40 plus, the precinct boss and one tough New York cop.

“Arsenic and Old Lace” will open on Oct. 7 and play for three successive weekends, closing on Oct. 23. For further information, contact Director June Stacy at 884-4580.