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By Eric Crews
Staff Writer 

TC Henderson Announces ‘Math Family Fun Night’


TC Henderson will be hosting its annual “Math Family Fun Night” on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 5:30 - 7 p.m. in the school’s gymnasium. 

“This is for all of our students and parents,” Principal Tony Meachum said. “We hope everyone comes out for a fun night featuring math games with pumpkins. Hopefully we’ll have a big turnout to make this a fun event for everyone.”

The event will feature a series of fun, educational activities for all ages. Students will work with parents to guess the number of seeds in a pumpkin, calculate the diameter and weight of the pumpkins and learn about how pumpkins are grown.

“We will have activities that will be focused for the primary kids and there will also be activities for the older kids,” he said.

The meeting will begin with free pizza for everyone. Following the pizza, there will be tables and booths set-up around the gym where the parents and their children can play fun math games. The theme of the evening will be “Problems with Pumpkins!”

The event will be very “hands-on,” Meachum said, which helps students make the correlation between the math they learn in class and the real world applications of math.

“Children are a lot like most of us in that often we don’t want to learn something until we see how it will impact us on a personal level in the real world,” Meachum said. “Hopefully, not only will they learn about math, cooperation, and working with their parents while working towards a goal, but they’ll learn more about the practical real world. This event has multiple purposes to it and we hope that the kids can come back and use what they’ve learned and apply it the next day or the next week in their math classes.”

Meachum hopes that the event will be a fun event that the whole family can come out and enjoy, while learning about math at the same time.

“When things are fun, oftentimes kids don’t even realize they are learning,” he said. “They are just having a fun time and just doing something they enjoy. With this being a fall themed event connected closely to the upcoming Halloween holiday it just makes it that much more fun.”

Meachum said that the event will be a great opportunity for parents and students to work together.

“We want the parents to be actively involved in terms of what is going on in school,” he said. “A lot of the research shows that in order to succeed, home and school need to work together. This event will provide an educational, fun opportunity for students and parents to work together.” 


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