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By Jeremiah Reed
Staff Writer 

DuPont Gains Acreage


Brevard, N.C. — A recent land acquisition has increased the size of DuPont State Recreational Forest while protecting the area from potential development and providing a safe haven to endangered amphibians.

The deal gives DuPont an additional 65 acres of land located between Stone Mountain and Old CCC Road in Henderson County. According to DuPont Forest Supervisor David Brown, the move was made possible by the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy (CMLC) in an attempt to protect the environment.

“We really appreciate the efforts of the CLMC in negotiating the deal,” Brown said.

Asheville resident Tom Oreck, former CEO of the Oreck Corporation, previously owned the property. Brown said the geography of the land made development in the area highly unlikely.

“A lot of that land is so steep that it would be difficult to develop for trails or other uses,” he said.

The green salamander lives in the area. A species native to Transylvania and several neighboring counties, the green salamander was designated as an endangered species by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in 1990.

A 1997 study showed the green salamander’s population had declined by 97 percent since 1970.

Brown said the newly acquired land provided security from development down the road, as well as protected the natural habitat of the area.

“It really gives us a good buffer on the North side of Stone Mountain down to Old CCC Road and protects the area from future development,” he said.


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