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By Eric Crews
Staff Writer 

Man Charged After Accident - Brevard NC


A Brevard man is facing two felony charges related to the fatal traffic accident on U.S. 64 Wednesday.

Scott Jason McCombs, 36, is charged with failing to yield right of way in the traffic accident that claimed the life of Jerry Morgan, who was 58.

During his first appearance Thursday to face one felony count of hit and run and one felony count of death by motor vehicle, McCombs, who was in shackles and prison garb under a $10,000 secured bond, had visible injuries to his face as a result of the traffic collision.

If convicted of the charges, Judge David K. Fox told McCombs he could be sentenced to five years in prison.

McCombs was also charged with a misdemeanor count of driving without a license.

“His driver’s license status in North Carolina is inactive,” N.C. Highway Patrolman Chris Pogue said.

Pogue said McCombs was leaving Sav-Mor Grocery on U.S. 64 when he pulled in front of a scooter driven east bound on U.S. 64 by Morgan. Morgan struck the blue van McCombs was driving and sustained severe injuries.

An off-duty EMS worker who witnessed the accident administered CPR, but was unsuccessful in reviving Morgan, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Pogue, McCombs fled the scene of the accident, heading west on U.S. 64 to his residence on Ilahee Road.

“He said he was going home to get his insurance card, which is irrelevant,” Pogue said.

Based on eyewitness reports called in to the Brevard Police Department, Pogue was able to find McCombs four-tenths of a mile down Ilahee Road.

“He was standing on the side of the road talking on his cell phone with blood on the side of his head,” Pogue said.

Pogue transported McCombs back to the accident scene and completed his investigation before charging McCombs.

“I don’t feel that speed was a factor in this accident on the part of the moped driver,” Pogue said. “I also don’t feel that alcohol or any other impairing sub-stances were a factor in causing the accident. The main cause in the wreck was a failure to yield the right of way on the part of Mr. McCombs.”

McCombs is due back in court on Jan. 17 for a hearing.


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