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Transylvania Film Connection: “The Yearling” Doyle Edmundson, at left, is shown bottle-feeding Pisgah National Forest fawns which became stars in the now classic 1946 film “The Yearling.”

All of our older readers and many younger film buffs know well the once hugely popular 1946 Oscar nominated film “The Yearling,” which starred Gregory Peck and Jane Wyman, the first wife of actor Ronald Reagan who went on to become president. Few today remember or know that Transylvania County also provided stars the most endearing of all for that film.

Although the film was shot near Ocala, Fla ., several deer fawns were transported to Florida to “play” the yearling featured in the film. Due to the rapid growth of the young deer during filming, several yearlings of varying ages were needed to maintain continuity of the storyline. The deer simply grew far faster than the film’s shooting schedule.

Sara Edmundson Cummings recently featured the story of the Transylvania connection to “The Yearling” in the Transylvania Genealogy Group’s latest publication, volume III in the heritage book series. Cummings father and grandfather made several trips to Florida transporting the young deer to the film sets.

Cummings’ grandfather, Charles Spurgeon Edmund-son, was a ranger in Pisgah National Forest in the 1930s. Her father, Doyle, the eldest of the family’s nine children, grew up close to nature in the forest. He regularly fed the fawns held at the Pisgah Fawn Farm. This week’s image shows Doyle Edmundson bottle-feeding the fawns with an unidentified man.

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