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Moratorium Headline Misleading


To report “Differing Views Heard” as a front page headline reflecting the July 8 hearing related to the biomass moratorium is inaccurate.

All the citizens that spoke, except for one, supported the moratorium and expressed various and strong rationale for that opinion. All were loudly applauded for their comments. In fact, the first speaker offered petition signatures from 3,000 country residents who oppose the project and support the moratorium.

The one dissenting voice got her only, and wide, applause when saying that “the moratorium would send the message to regulatory commissions that not only is the public against it, but the county government as well.” That is exactly what Transylvania residents are trying to communicate to and through our local government. Don’t create headlines in your newspaper to misrepresent this issue as being polarized when it is not. This issue is almost unanimously opposed by county residents with a small handful of dissenters.

Ann Buchman



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