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Limitation On Letters


I enjoy reading letters to the paper in your “Opinions of the Readers” section. However, when one finds a letter almost every week from Mr. Lackey Rowe, it becomes, at best, tiresome. I have suggested in the past that letters from a reader should be limited to no more than twice a month. I now renew that suggestion again. That should provide all of your readers sufficient space to present their opinions without penalizing them unduly. Although Mr. Rowe may find 26 letters a year somewhat restrictive, he may gain comfort in knowing that space is being opened up for other more deserving letter writers.

Bob Youngerman


(Editor’s note: The Times does have a policy of limiting a person to two letters per month. It was an oversight on our behalf that Mr. Rowe had three letters printed in July. We apologize for the error and will attempt to be more diligent in the future.)


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