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Life is full of minor annoyances. Dogs who bark during the day are but one. Do you mean to tell me that the local government has nothing better to do than sit around and think of ways to fine the very people who put them in office? We have police who conceal themselves behind bushes and other obstructions in order to catch speeders. Sir Robert Peel’s concept of community policing concentrated more on crime prevention by having a visible police force than hiding out waiting for someone to commit a crime. Yet our officials view tickets as a cash cow.

Dogs are wild animals. Granted they are domesticated wild animals, but they bark. A dog who barks during the days does so for good reason. But it is just a dog. I smell a new opportunity to make more money in fines.

Now we have a system in place where the meter reader does not have to leave their vehicle to get a reading. It is less work for the meter reader so it should save us some money. No, it costs us an extra two dollars a month to an already expensive water sewer and garbage bill.

Again the economy is on a rebound of sorts, but the local government is constantly trying to figure out ways to nickel and dime the locals out of more money.

These are the same people who dreamed up the idea of a bicycle path that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. I pass by the two or three people walking on this bike path only to be slowed down by the hundreds of spandex, helmet-wearing cyclists who insist on riding in the middle of the road during the day at working hours. How about taxing or fining them for impeding traffic? They could afford a tax to create a safe place to ride their bikes. After all, most new road bicycles cost more than many cars I have owned.

That makes more sense than penalizing dog owners whose animals are just doing what comes natural to them.

John P. Bradford



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