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Bank Warns About Recent Scam Calls - Brevard NC


Customers of United Community Bank and others are being warned about an apparent scam.

Michael Infante, vice president of communication for United Community Bank, said they’ve learned that several individuals in the area have received recorded messages notifying them that their United Community Bank debit cards have been compromised and deactivated.

These calls are being sent to United Community Bank customers and non-customers, Infante said.

The recording states the person answering the call should enter their debit card number to resolve the problem.

These calls are false and are not issued by United or by anyone else on the bank’s behalf, Infante said.

If any United customers receive such a call, immediately hang up and disregard any further calls, he said.

Those who have already provided the requested information should contact the United Community Bank office to have the debit card deleted and be issued a new one.

If it is after business hours, call 706-439-6600 and press 3.

United Community Bank reminds its customers that they should never share any account related information unless they are certain they are speaking with an official bank representative. Customers should contact the bank directly if there is any question about whether a United Community Bank call, letter, e-mail or request is authentic.


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