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Jimmy Harris, Mac Morrow To Run Again

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Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris and Councilman Mac Morrow announced Monday they plan to seek another term this November.

“Believing that there is more work to do, I have decided to be a part of the exciting times that will shape and sculpt this community as it increasingly becomes a ‘community of choice’ for investment and job growth,” Harris said.

Harris was first elected in 1999 and is Brevard’s longest serving mayor.

“I am generally happy with the direction that Brevard is going,” he said. “I am most satisfied with the strength and reliability of our underground infrastructure that immediately places us in a position to be candidates for future job creation, growth and investment.

“The future holds complex decisions concerning water production and how the city will deliver it. I want to be involved in the building of the next water treatment plant to replace the we have at reasonable and responsible costs. Without a doubt, the future of water production is one of the single most important issues facing the residents of Brevard.”

Harris is one of three currently serving on the city council whose terms come to an end this November.

Councilman Rodney Locks has announced that he will not be a candidate, ending 16 years as a councilman.

“Deciding to run for mayor is a decision that I did not take lightly,” Harris said. “I decided recently to offer my service to the residents of Brevard because I want to deliver on the vision, pledge and promises that I made to them that I believe will make Brevard the best place for them to live, work and invest in.

“I know that we are well on our way to completing the vision that I had in 1999 and that is the reason it is easy for me to say ‘yes’ to another term should the people of Brevard so desire. I have the energy and enthusiasm to continue to be the mayor of the best town in North Carolina.”

Morrow has served on the council for nearly 22 years.

“I am grateful for the support and encouragement most recently when the issue of election filing has been discussed,” he said. “I believe, like many, that we do live in an exceptional town and will file for reelection.

“Brevard is working hard to meet the challenge of today and tomorrow. A dedicated team of city employees and volunteer boards respond to these requirements. As a council member, the task is to try to think strategically and lead.

“Planning, be it the challenges of urban growth, water and sewer infrastructure, or preserving our natural heritage and small town charm, will be the focus of future councils.”

Morrow said serving on council is a special honor.

“(I) hope I’ve earned the trust of our citizens in the manner in which I have served,” he said. “November is just around the corner. I look forward to talking with my neighbors over the coming months about local issues and seeking their support in the upcoming election.”

Filing for November’s municipal elections in Brevard and Rosman will begin at noon on July 5.

In Rosman, the four-year terms of Aldermen J.S. Chapman, Roger Petit and Doyle Stubblefield are expiring.

The filing period will end at noon on July 19.

A $90 filing fee is required for those seeking to be Brevard mayor, and a $47 fee for those running for council. In Rosman, the filing fee is $21.

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