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An Honest Politician

Series: Ann Hollingsworth | Story 16

Congratulations, Ann Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth was just voted to the Brevard City Council. During a door knocking session I had the opportunity to speak to Hollingsworth. When I asked her the question, what she plans on doing should she win the office, her reply was refreshing. She said, “I won’t know until I get there.” Finally, an honest answer from someone running for office.

There was no “Read my lips. No more taxes.” No false promises or spin. No double talk. As I have said many times before, politicians are just a cut above insurance salesmen, and celebrities who make millions by simply behaving badly like what’s her name on Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

She is a successful businesswoman whose husband makes a living working with his hands, and I hope will be a good addition to the city council.

She also encouraged me to attend one of the Independent Economic Task Force Meetings. Admittedly, when I hear that a consultant has been hired, I think of the old adage, “A consultant is one who borrows your watch and then tells you what time it is.”

Words like branding and task force smack of those who can’t do, consult. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation made, and the intelligent questions asked by the members of that task force. These people seem to be truly interested in ways to make Brevard and the country a business friendly place. Not just for big businesses that want to move in and pay minimum wage but to generally encourage small businesses that will be the very backbone of the community, along with keeping Brevard ecologically sound and the outdoors destination that it has become while keeping this the small friendly city that we have all come to love.

John P. Bradford



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