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Rainfall Record Broken - Brevard NC


After a rainy weekend that pushed rainfall totals for the year over the 100-inch mark, 2013 will go down in history as the wettest year since weather began being recorded in Brevard in 1902.

As of this Wednesday morning, Brevard has received 104.09 inches of total rainfall, which moves 2013 ahead of the previous record of 99.91 inches of rain recorded in 1906.

Prior to 2013, the third-wettest year was recorded in 2009, when 90.32 inches fell. In 1961, 92.44 inches of precipitation was recorded.

Less than 12 days into December, 6.72 inches of rain has been recorded. Last month, 7.48 inches of rain was recorded.

This year’s above average rainfall totals got big boosts from a soggy start to the year when 13.73 inches of rain fell in January.

The above average trend continued through the summer as Brevard’s NOAA station received 9.54 inches in April, 10.91 inches in May, 9.26 inches in June and 20.19 inches in July before things began to level back off with an additional 7.54 inches of rainfall in August.

The average total precipitation for Brevard is 64.96 inches annually.

The rainiest 31-day period ever recorded was in September 2004 when 26.86 inches was measured, due in large part to rainfall produced by the remnants of hurricanes Frances and Ivan.

That month led to the two highest single-day rainfall totals ever recorded in Brevard, when on Sept. 7 9.93 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period and again on Sept. 16, 2004 when an additional 8.42 inches of rain fell.

(Information used in this report was collected from the National Weather Service’s website using information gathered through the Applied Climate Information System, a joint project of the Regional Climate Centers, the National Climatic Data Center and the National Weather Service.

Official data and data for additional locations and years are available from the Regional Climate Centers and the National Climatic Data Center.)


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