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President Is Weak


I found it extremely interesting, according to Scott Mooneyham’s April 27 column, that Kay Hagan’s campaign with help from Harry Reid’s political action committee, is doing its best to meddle in this year’s Republican primary by supporting anti-Thom Tillis advertisements on radio and TV. Apparently, the Democrats are convinced that Tillis would be their toughest GOP opponent, and that Sen. Hagan would prefer to run against any one of his opponents, which then would give her a better chance of being re- elected.

As usual, the Republicans’ worst enemies are other Republicans rather than keeping their eye on the ball that they need to defeat Sen. Hagan with the candidate who has the best chance of beating her.

On a totally different subject, allow me to support the premise of William Muir’s letter regarding Wall St. Journal columnist Daniel Henninger’s column on our response to Russia’s actions in the Ukraine. Putin has borrowed Adolph Hitler’s playbook to a “T” by claiming that all he (Putin) is doing is “protecting” Russians who live in the Ukraine. As I recall from my pre-World War II history, Hitler’s initial incursions into neighboring countries was for the purpose of “protecting” Germans who were living in those countries. And what appears to be the case in the Ukraine, without a firm response from the U.S. and NATO, Putin and the Russians have a free hand to do whatever they want. What really is disappointing about what’s occurring in the Ukraine is that Putin has taken the measure of Obama, and has decided that our president is nothing other than a weakling who can be bullied. The fact of the matter is that Obama is totally overmatched by Putin, who found out that Obama’s “red line” in Syria was nothing but a threat that couldn’t and wouldn’t be supported.

Only time will tell whether or not Putin overplays his hand to the extent that poor economic conditions in Russia will get him to reconsider because it certainly won’t be because of anything coming from Obama.

Bob Youngerman



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