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You Call This Progress?


Years ago a neighbor and native presented me with some delicious trout caught in his favorite stream. I asked him where his fishing hole was. With a wink and wry grin he placed a finger at the side of his nose and said, “If I tell, soon people will fish it out.”

I didn’t press the issue and just left it at that. As a reward he would often share his bounty with me. He had his peace of mind knowing that his fishing hole was safe and as a reward I would get a wonderful trout for dinner from time to time. That is a lesson to be taken to heart here in Transylvania County.

Last weekend I went by DuPont State Forest. By the sheer amount of cars filling every parking lot and lining the roadside one would have thought that there was an estate sale at the Biltmore mansion. Hardly a nice day to take in the natural wonders of our county. I have seen less populated shopping malls and water parks. I couldn’t help but reflect on the words of my good friend and neighbor.

I guess that this is the future that the greed heads looking to boost tourism see as a bright future for The Land of Waterfalls. In my humble opinion, this is a dismal picture indeed.

John P. Bradford



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