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Supports Tillis, Chapman


As a conservative unaffiliated voter who has never voted a straight party ticket in my life, allow me to comment on two contests, one national and one local.

The issue for me in the race for U.S. Senator is who controls the Senate, the Democrats or the Republicans. The Senate’s record under Harry Reid of Nevada has been in my view nothing short of disgraceful. Reid has refused to allow votes on a number of key bills, thereby creating a “do-nothing record” for which the Democrats should be ashamed. That is the primary reason I plan to vote for Thom Tillis. North Carolina is a key state in the fight over who controls the Senate, and I cannot support Senator Hagan who has backed Pres. Obama’s agenda for this country 96 percent of the time.

As one who believes in term limits, I would like to congratulate Commissioner Hogsed for sticking to his principles on term limits and refusing to run for a third term. That is why I cannot vote for Kelvin Phillips for Commissioner. He has already served two terms, and in my opinion doesn’t deserve to be elected for a third term. That is why I plan to vote for Lee McMinn and Larry Chapman for commissioner. I would urge other unaffiliated voters to do the same.

Bob Youngerman



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