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Giving Kids Mixed Signals


A recent protest drew in WLOS cameras. The reporter called it “roughly 100 people.” What I saw was dozens of young impressionable children and a few “organizers.”

What is disturbing? The kids. Teaching young children that they are born victims and will not be treated fairly in life because of race. Indoctrinating young children with contempt for police and authority is a huge disservice to the Rise & Shine afterschool program. Teaching yet another generation of kids not to trust police and emergency personnel is reckless endangerment. It catalyzes the very same thing they are protesting! How is that progress?

There was a recent story from WLOS about the Cops 4 Kids outing, a big motorcycle fundraiser and a day shopping for underprivileged children here in Transylvania County. These are the exact same children that are being taught not to trust police! That’s absurd!

Perhaps it would better serve the community as a whole if we also see the need to end this generational cycle of prejudice. The show almost endorses the discord in one segment, then shows the very same kids being given hope for Christmas in another thanks to police and others in this community.

I am a member of Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. and I have yet to see a camera where we ride and stand in honor funerals for police, emergency personnel, firefighters and U.S. military veterans. We had a national wreath laying event. Where was WLOS? This was in Swannanoa.

Perhaps in the name of responsible journalism, the WLOS reporter could have asked a couple of hard questions about the kids being taught mixed signals. Perhaps it just may be the public that needs to be re-educated and trained.

It would be a inspiring story to show the commonalities we share rather than the dramatized incendiary differences. That is the “Hope and Change” we as common citizens can all benefit from.

John Wood



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