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Martin Spoke For Himself


In the Monday, June 22, issue of The Transylvania Times, we reported former Brevard College basketball coach Chick Martin’s opinion disagreeing with the Brevard College Board of Trustees recent decision to reclassify from Division II to Division III in athletics.

In expressing his belief that the quality of athletics would diminish with the reclassification, Martin said, “I told the president, if you want to, schedule Rosman next year – it’ll be a good thing.”

That statement has raised the ire of many who live in Rosman or are associated with Rosman High School athletics (see adjacent letter) and view the statement as denigrating to Rosman High and its athletes. Unfortunately, some of that anger has been directed at Brevard College. It should not be.

Martin was speaking solely for himself. He is not an employee of Brevard College. As the article stated, he retired from coaching at Brevard College in 1972. No one who speaks for the college has made such a statement about Rosman.

In fact, the present Brevard College administration has taken additional steps to attract more local students, which includes those at Rosman High. In the past few years, Brevard College has provided a 50 percent discount to students living in the county to attend the college. Due to that program and other efforts, the number of local students attending Brevard College has approximately quadrupled. Just a few months ago we ran a photograph of three Rosman High School cheerleaders who had accepted scholarships to Brevard College.

For those who read beyond the comment about Rosman in the June 22 article, it should be clear that Martin was being critical of the college, not only for reclassifying to Division III but also for selling land to Ingles, building the Porter Center for Performing Arts and having presidents who “know how to spend money, but not how to raise money.”

Martin coached winning basketball teams when he worked for the college. The value of his contributions to the college’s athletic program was acknowledged in 2010 when the basketball court was named “The Chick Martin Court.” And he has remained an avid supporter of Brevard College athletics for many years.

But Martin has not been an employee of Brevard College for several decades. The comments he made regarding Brevard College and Rosman High are his and his alone.


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