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A Potential Solution


A few weeks ago I expressed my opinion in this newspaper. Here are my potential solutions to the courthouse issue.

Ideas currently being considered regarding the new courthouse appear to be very costly. What if a study of the highest and best uses for some of our county owned properties was conducted? This would include the existing courthouse property and existing library and surrounding property. This could lead to the possibility of selling the downtown courthouse and/or a remodel for another use.

Another possibility might be converting our old courthouse into our county’s library after an extensive remodel job? Add to this a Starbucks on site and a concept similar to Books a Million all in the Heart of Brevard. Include a few things like a learning center to teach our young people how to: properly write, create a good resumé, to sell themselves, including, appearance and other things making them employable.

This new concept at this location would make the courthouse property the place to hang out downtown to get a newspaper, talk, conduct business, and would benefit every local business and all county residents. It can become the showcase to an already awesome community.

The existing library might be the perfect courthouse location. Before anyone gets too excited opposing this idea consider the following: There is adequate parking with no money needed to spend on a parking deck, there is plenty of physical space and it is in Brevard where a huge faction of downtown business owners want the courthouse to remain. In 10 years the existing library may very well be functionally obsolete due to the digital age. What percentage of county residents in and out of the city limits presently use this facility and what is projected for the future? It may be a great expensive trophy but not really utilized to its potential. It is open six days per week.

At a minimum, a study looking into the highest and best uses of these properties should be looked at prior to pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into one of potentially two already functionally obsolete facilities.

Jim Lorenz



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