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Failing To Support Education


I would like to explain my seemingly contradictory answers to the recent Transylvania County survey.

I love living in Transylvania County, especially now when it is so beautiful. We have world class outdoor areas with Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Forest and Gorges State Park. We also have Silvermont, a bike/walking trail system and the Bracken Mountain trail in the city. We have access to nationally known musicians, speakers and artists through Brevard College and Brevard Music Center. We have very good public schools and a choice of private school options. We have a local hospital with a wide array of medical support services. We enjoy a variety of good restaurants and wonderful local stores. My list could go on and on.

However, I am not happy with the direction the county and the state are headed. One of my biggest concerns is education. A few weeks ago The Transylvania Times had a story about the $118 million dollars needed to “properly renovate and rebuild all school facilities to meet future needs.”

It seems we have been putting Band-Aid on big problems for years. We must have school buildings that keep our students and teachers safe and healthy!

The state has been strangling education budgets for the past decade with cuts in everything from teacher pay and benefits to teaching assistants to textbooks. Counties have not been able to keep up.

As a state and a county we need to invest in our education system from preschool through college to make sure our children are able to learn the social and academic skills they need to succeed.

If the county commissioners or local state representatives are interested, my “heading in the wrong direction” list for the state and county also goes on to include the failure to expand Medicaid, which is hindering economic development and medical care for hundreds of thousands (look up the recent Cone Health Foundation Study for a county by county analysis), voting rights, immigration, as well as energy independence and air and water quality.

Cindy Bland



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