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Ted Still Needs Help To Stay Home - Brevard NC


Ted Tawney is surrounded by his friends Randy Frisbee and Erik and Carol Hansen. (Times photo by Derek McKissock)

This past year, Ted Tawney has been able to stay in his Brevard home mainly because of the generosity of others.

As reported in January, Tawney, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, was facing having to move into an assisted living center and losing the independence he cherishes.

Money from a trust fund was running out. The money paid for a caregiver to come to Tawney's home each day for a few hours.

After the story ran in The Transylvania Times, a number of people came forward with donations to help Tawney.

"It's been fantastic," said Erik Hansen, a local accountant, who oversees the trust fund.

"A number of people read the story and were moved by it," he said.

Hansen has known Tawney's family since the 1960s. The family moved to Brevard in 1964. Tawney's father was a Brevard College professor who taught psychology. He died in 1992.

Tawney's mother, Mildred, lived with him in their home until June of last year, when the now 98-year-old moved to The Oaks, a local assisted living home.

Hansen said donations ranged from $5 from a Sunday School class up to $1,000 from an individual.

It costs about $1,300 a month for someone to care for the 63-year-old Tawney a few hours every day. But it's not like Tawney can't do anything for himself.

He still gets out and about in his wheelchair, depending on the weather, to go shopping and to do other chores.

"It's amazing the number of people (Tawney) knows because he's been all over town," Hansen said. "He knows everybody."

Randy Frisbee, the owner of Grover's Office Supply, has known Tawney since they were Brevard High School students and has also been helping the effort to keep his friend in his own home.

Frisbee said the January newspaper story reminded people about Tawney and they came by Grover's and inquired about how he was doing.

"He still needs help," Frisbee said.

Tawney has his own money to pay his regular bills but not enough for the daily help.

Hansen said any financial contributions are still greatly needed and appreciated.

Tawney's current financial situation is that "he's OK for the rest of this year" and a "little bit" into next year.

"It's made a great difference to his quality of life," Hansen said of Tawney being able to stay in his home.

"If people don't continue helping, it could become a problem," he said.

Since Tawney's mother moved into The Oaks, Hansen said Tawney has had to learn to do more for himself.

"Thanks to everyone who have helped me to stay in my home this past year," Tawney said in an email. "By doing so, they have helped me mature and become a more productive individual, which, in turn, will be a greater asset to this society."

Those who would like to help may send the donations to Erik Hansen, 9 W. Morgan St. in Brevard or call him at 884-3546 or 883-7953.


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