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We Are Better Than This


Many years ago, as I drove him to an appointment, my 12-year-old nephew and I heard a heart-wrenching radio appeal for help for the famine victims in Ethiopia. My nephew sighed and echoed the words of his stepfather, “We can’t save everybody. It’s too bad but those little kids are going to die. Lots of people are going to die and we just can’t feed them all.”

This was coming from the mouth of a child who was usually quite gentle and loving, and especially kind to young children. I thought for a moment and then asked him to close his eyes and hold out his hands.

I said, “I am putting a baby in your arms. Open your eyes and hold him while he dies for lack of food and water.”

He immediately began to sputter that we’d have to get to a hospital, that we could never let a little one die. I said, “The only difference between this imaginary baby and the ones in the far away country is miles. The pain and suffering is the same.”

So for those who feel compelled to leave the Syrian children marooned in deadly circumstances, reach out your arms and hold the dying little ones... just like that sweet little boy whose body washed up on the beach and broke the hearts of everyone who watched. And then say, “Sorry, we have no mangers.”

We are better than this.

Roberta Miller



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