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Explanation Strains The Imagination


The front page story in the Jan. 4, 2016 edition “Primary Change Blamed For Filing No Show” strains one’s imagination. It is extremely difficult to believe that any serious potential candidate did not know the dates of the candidate filing period. Any Democrat considering a campaign for any seat would have called the Transylvania County Board of Elections or checked their website to confirm these dates. They would have also been subjected to multiple notifications and references to the filing period in this very newspaper.

In addition, the Democratic Party has a representative on the Board of Elections, so there was no secret Republican scheme at work. It seems that the Democratic candidates for State Senate District 48 and State Representative District 113 managed somehow to file within the specified period.

In short, a change in filing date had nothing to do with the “No Shows!” As to any insinuation that the date change was made to prevent Democratic candidates from filing is ludicrous. It’s time for everyone to stop trying to blame others for their inability to act!

Aubrey Woodard


(Woodward is county chairman of the Transylvania County Republican Party.)


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