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Gates Says Institutions Can Be Transformed


These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Brown, Carrie. “The Stargazer’s Sister.” Caroline Hershel’s life is ripe with boredom until William takes her to England to be his assistant. For the first time in her life, Caroline is exposed to beautiful music, stargazing, and generosity. When William announces he is going to take a wife, Caroline’s life collapses around her, forcing her to find her own way. (FIC BRO)

Goodman, Carol. “River Road.” Professor Nan Lewis hits a deer on the way home from a late party. Though she gets out of her car to look, Nan cannot find the deer. The next morning the police tell her she is a suspect in the hit-and-run accident of one of her own students. As the investigation continues, Nan is shunned by the community that stood behind her six years ago when her daughter died in similar circumstances. Secrets from long ago begin to unfold. (FIC GOO)

Kellerman, Jonathan. “Breakdown.” Years after meeting TV actress Zelda Chase, psychologist Alex Delaware sees her again after her most recent psychotic breakdown. When Zelda is found dead shortly after her relapse, Alex must look for Zelda’s missing son while trying to piece together elements of her murder. (M FIC KEL)

Starck, Lindsay Rebecca. “Noah’s Wife.” Written as a modern-day allegory, “Noah’s Wife” begins when a preacher and his devoted spouse arrive at a new post in a town where it has been raining for so long the townspeople can’t remember it not raining. As the water rises, engulfing the houses, shops, and roads leading out of town, the people begin to turn against one another as their world washes away. (FIC STA)


Agus, David. “The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health.” The realm of medicine is changing so rapidly, and more so than ever, we are able to take control of our own health. Agus says this is the luckiest time to be alive and offers insight into customizing your health care, fighting diseases, and training your immune system. (613 AGU)

Clark, Roy Peter. “The Art of X-Ray Reading: How the Secrets of 25 Great Works of Literature Will Improve Your Writing.” Learning the technique of X-ray reading, according to writing teacher Roy Peter Clark, is the best way to improve one’s writing. This technique shows readers how to dig deeper into the text to see the underlying meaning. Clark uses literary masterworks to illustrate the concept. (808 CLA)

Gates, Robert Michael. “A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service.” Former leader of Texas A&M, the CIA, and the Department of Defense, Robert Gates says it is possible to transform bureaucratic institutions. Americans see these institutions as falling short because they are “too big and too hard to reform.” Gates believes that strong, smart leadership is the key to working within the system to make real changes. (B Gates)

Milton, Giles. “When Hitler took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain: History’s Unknown Chapters.” Giles Milton, one of America’s most compelling historians, has written the first in a series of “History’s Unknown Chapters” with this book. From slavery to the atomic bomb to Hitler’s last hours of life, Milton’s stories are both entertaining and illuminating. (909 MIL


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