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Political Ads


For the last several weeks, TV stations in South Carolina have been running political ads. And after the South Carolina primaries towards the end of this month, TV stations in North Carolina will be running political ads prior to this state’s primaries.

The ads are wholly designed to sell the candidates or weaken another candidate. Often what is presented is not true. Ted Cruz just pulled an ad because one of the actresses previously appeared in pornographic movies. She was hired, as were other actors, to portray former supporters of Marco Rubio. The ad was entirely deceptive.

Cruz is not the only candidate who uses such tactics. In addition to hiring actors to portray everyday voters, candidates distort records, take comments out of context, etc. And there are the ads that are paid for by PACs (Political Action Committees) like Right To Rise USA, Keep The Promise I, Conservative Solutions, etc. that specialize in negative ads. As it did in Iowa, the Our Principles PAC is engaged in a “full court press” to discredit Donald Trump in Sourth Carolina. The group’s leader, Katie Packer, has refused to say who is funding the PAC.

Given all of the gross misrepresentations and background shenanigans involving political ads, voters would be better to ignore such ads and focus on the debates and several media outlets that are generally objective in their reporting.


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