New Law Is A Red Herring


Our state legislature, in its unsurpassed wisdom, has decided to ban transgender people from using pubic restrooms of the sex of their choice. The evidence of abuse of the privilege to use the restroom one wishes is as nonexistent as evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina.

How are we going to enforce this “small government” Republican law? Again, is this party of “small government” going to force us all to carry around our birth certificates in order to validate our “sex at birth?”

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, I suggest this is probably the Republicans’ greatest achievement in job creation. We’ll now have to hire 1 million police to patrol public restrooms all over the state. Brilliant.

And what will those potty patrollers do? Will they be doing intimate checks to determine if we have indeed changed sex since birth? Really? Small government is in our vaginas and now they’ll be in everybody’s pants. I wonder how GOP legislators will feel about having legislative police peer into their pants every time they enter the Capitol restrooms.

And when they catch perpetrators of wrong sex pottying, will they fill up those contractual prisons with peepee convicts, creating more prison guard jobs?

This is a red herring. It’s distracting us from the real issues in our state: people who are dying because the legislature refused Medicaid expansion; massive disenfranchisement of minority voters; unprecedented pollution of our water at the hands of Duke Energy and the systematic dismantling of our education system to the point where it will take a generation to get our kids’ education back on track.

It’s distracting us from the destruction all North Carolinians are suffering at the hands of a right-wing state legislature intent on propping up Big Business at the expense of all of our people.

It’s time for the voters to speak.

Kathleen Barnes



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