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So, Hillary skates yet again. “Unbelievable!” say a number of former Justice Department experts, including Comey’s former boss Rudy Giuliani, attorney general Gonzales and other Justice Department legal experts devastated by the words of FBI Director Comey. He had to reach hard for the words “extremely careless,” instead of “gross negligence,” as specifically stated in the law under which Clinton was being investigated for her role in recklessly exposing top secret information to foreign, even hostile entities.

So, the security of the United States has now come down to just semantics? Yes, unbelievable.

Under what pressure was James Comey put, possibly via Bill Clinton’s “chance” meeting with A.G. Loretta Lynch, to make a recommendation in direct contradiction to the FBI’s findings? Is this episode affirming once again the oft stated “the Clintons are above the law” today’s reality?

It seems more so every day. Being reminded of the “mysterious” fates of Vince Foster, James McDougal and dozens of others who dared to stand in the way of the Clintons was like making Comey “an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

Comey’s “out” was that she intended no harm to the United States. The applicable law (18 U.S.C. Section 793(f) is also specific in making intent irrelevant to its applicability. How can Clinton’s obvious intent to hide from prying oversight eyes her email communications with foreign entities, swapping State Department favors for huge donations and “speaking fees” amounting to millions of dollars going into the Clinton Foundation, not be harmful to the United States?

It’s pay-to-play at best, blackmail at worst. It’s also unbelievable, but that card is yet to be played.

Richard Seiler



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