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Reasons To Oppose Bypass


We are writing in opposition to the proposed West Loop Corridor plan. As far as we can tell, this expensive project’s only benefit would be to carve off a minuscule amount of time for people on their way through Brevard to somewhere else; the project’s downsides, however, are numerous:

1. There will be considerable negative impact on the residences located along the proposed corridor, including in Deerlake Village, which is an established community and provides a solid tax base. (Disclosure, we live in Deerlake Village but far away from the bypass’s intended route.) The road will be literally in the backyards of the homes immediately behind the Sagebrush restaurant and the noise and disruption from traffic would be considerable.

2. Traffic will be diverted from businesses on the Asheville Highway and Brevard itself. New businesses are opening on this route and it’s not a good move for the city to court them and then build a road to bypass them and reduce customer flow.

3. The route goes through a wetlands and stream area. Why negatively impact this area for no significant benefit? It would also likely require regulatory approval to go through this area, again potentially costing the citizens of Brevard significant money.

4. There could be destruction and/or relocation of the historic Oak Grove cemetery. Again, for what good reason?

5. The eminent domain proceedings required to take homes and properties in the way of the bypass will cost taxpayers money. There likely would be significant expense and legal headaches to implement the eminent domain proceedings required to take these properties away from their owners.

Brevard should instead expand its bike path to make access easier to and from all parts of the city. More money should be spent on a contiguous network of sidewalks (for instance on Railroad Avenue and on both sides of the Asheville Highway.) We believe it would be better for Brevard’s social and business climate to facilitate ways for people to drive less and walk or bike more in order to keep traffic active for local businesses.

Robert and Jolene Overbeck



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