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I am shocked and perturbed that you chose to run a story and picture of Kells Hogan along with the charges against him on your front page. Though I do not know and have never met this gentleman, I know that he has run a camp for children in our county for a very long while, and that he has placed the bulk of his land in a restrictive conservation easement. The accusations of child abuse against him date back to 30 years ago!

Is it really fair to destroy him in your paper long before there has been any trial? Most people will just assume that your normally excellent paper would not have published the story unless evidence against him was very strong. Nevertheless, are we not innocent until proven guilty?

With editorial policy such as you display, every camp director and teacher in our county should be shaking in their boots at the thought that some camper or student from 30 years ago could wreck their lives.

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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