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Send Burr Into Retirement


Richard Burr’s endorsement of Donald Trump demonstrates that he is unfit to serve as a North Carolina Senator. By endorsing Trump and even campaigning for him, Burr has put his party over our country, an extremist ideology over common sense, political opportunism over statesmanship, and placed our nation at risk.

Trump’s narcissism, impulsiveness, emotional instability, ignorance of national and international policy, cynicism, and bigotry are obvious to anyone who has followed his campaign. Burr seems to think that these qualities are just fine for the leader of the free world.

Just as Trump must never be allowed near the situation room or the nuclear codes, Burr should never again set foot in the Senate. This November, let’s give him the early retirement he has earned and make Deborah Ross our next United States senator, a senator we can all be proud of.

Richard Winchell



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