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Forgetting 911


September 19, 2016

For 55 years until I retired to Brevard in 2002, I lived in Fresh Meadows, Queens, N.Y. That is 15 miles from the World Trade Center and Ground Zero.

I am upset that there was no official ceremony to remember this terrible day. I went to our local officials and was told that the protocol was to hold a ceremony every 10 years and that this was “not like Pearl Harbor.” I beg to differ, as this is this generation’s Pearl Harbor — 2,403 people were killed at Pearl Harbor; 2,996 people were killed at the Trade Towers, including 343 NYFD firemen. How do we not remember all those killed every year? Why every 10 years?

I am a Navy veteran and I am at the courthouse every Nov. 11 to honor our veterans, the men and women who served our country for the past 240 years.

The Transylvania Times, which I think does a great job, really dropped the ball this time. The Sept. 12 newspaper never mentioned 911.

I know Brevard is about 750 miles from Ground Zero, but it was at my back door in New York. I know that there are many people living here that probably lived within 50 miles of the Trade Towers.

As a former New Yorker, I am extremely upset that all the northerners do not feel the way I do. How could they forget so soon? Shame on them.

My wife and I placed a bouquet of flowers under the 911 memorial to show our respect and to say we have not forgotten.

I lived through 911. I will “never forget.” God bless America!

Donald Ziegler


(Editor’s Note: There were no local events about the Sept. 11, 2001 events to cover. We did print a column by D.G. Martin about Sept. 11 on our editorial pages.)


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