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Ask Us: Liquor License


September 26, 2016

I recently attended a concert at the DFR Room in downtown Brevard with friends, during which we drank beer. We were later told the DFR Room does not have a liquor license from the state’s ABC Commission. Is this true? And if it is, would we, as customers, be in jeopardy of getting in trouble with the law? Or would the business selling alcohol without a license be the only party that could get in trouble?

According to Phil Harris, chief of the Brevard Police Department, the DFR Room does have a license to sell and consume alcoholic beverages. That license is held under the Ecusta Brewing Company – which is just adjacent to the space containing the DFR Room – but clearly allows for alcohol sales in the DFR Room.

As for the second part of the question, Harris said if a person was consuming alcohol on the premises of a business that does not have a liquor license that person would be subject to legal consequence. Those consequences, Harris said, could be a warning, a ticket, or an arrest, based on the alleged violation and the totality of the circumstances. The business selling/providing the alcohol would also be subject to legal consequences.

Why are taxpayers in Transylvania County asked to send payments to a P.O. Box number in Charlotte? Is the county being charged for this service, and, if so, how much?

County Manager Jaime Laughter provided the following response: The Tax Office uses a BB&T Lockbox in Charlotte to assist in processing tax payments received by mail.

The fees charged for this service are approximately $19,000 per year. The Tax Office began using the BB&T Lockbox in 2007 which drastically reduces the amount of mail received and processed in the Tax Office daily, reducing the need for additional staff.


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