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Norm Bossert Talks Specifics


September 26, 2016

Norm Bossert has talked these past months about how he would serve the public when he’s elected senator from N.C. Senate District 48 (Henderson, Transylvania, and the southern part of Buncombe counties).

He would support legislation to develop more sources and uses of alternative energy, to bring back a government commitment to protection of our water, air and land by rebuilding of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, to repeal laws that prevent towns and communities from gaining information about fracking, and to deal positively with Duke Power’s Coal Ash problem.

Lastly, he would work to repeal HB2 (bathroom bill) as it is an embarrassing distraction that diminishes our state morally and financially by discrimination against a minority and panders to people’s fear of those they neither know nor understand.

Norm’s balanced solutions to these problems will not burden us with unnecessary taxes or intrusive regulation. Furthermore, as an educator and principal in our public schools, he would work to restore pride in our education system and respect for our teachers.

Norm’s opponent was appointed recently to finish an unexpired term; his website presents little of substance on where he stands on any issue and permits the conclusion he will only continue to support the demonstrably harmful voting record of his predecessor.

I believe there is a better choice for a positive future. Be encouraged to vote for Norm Bossert as senator from N.C. Senate District 48 on Nov. 8.

Kenneth Chepenik

Pisgah Forest


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