By John Lanier

BHS Principal Stepping Down


October 17, 2016

Jennifer Anderson

Brevard High School principal Jennifer Anderson has resigned her position to accept a position at Clemson University. Anderson's last day at Brevard High will be this Thursday.

Jeremy Gibbs, who had been principal at Brevard High and has been the school system's chief academic officer, will take the reins for the short term.

"I know it was a tough decision for her," said Transylvania County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaris.

McDaris said the timing is not the best because it is easier to find administrators at the semester break or end of the year, but Anderson had requested Oct. 20 to be her last day and she already had been approved to have the following week off because she will be getting married.

"She was going to take some time off anyway," said McDaris, "so we honored her request of Oct. 20."

McDaris said Gibbs would assume his interim duties at Brevard High on Oct. 21.

He said the school system is fortunate to have two former high school principals in the central administration office in Gibbs and Brian Weaver.

"Jeremy has the most familiarity with Brevard High," said McDaris of selecting Gibbs to fill the short-term interim slot. "He has good rapport with the faculty and the staff."

McDaris said, however, that Gibbs will only serve as interim principal for about six weeks and that he hopes a longer-term interim principal would come on board on December and finish out the school year.

"Jeremy's term will be about a month and a half," said McDaris.

McDaris said the longer-term interim principal who comes on board in December would probably be a retired principal.

He said if the county promoted an administrator on the staff at this point, it would mean another administrative position would come open and still have to be filled.

He said it's also tough to recruit administrators from other school systems during the middle of the year, particularly since the number of people going into school administration is decreasing.

"We've been fortunate that we've had great administrators," said McDaris. "But fewer people are going into teaching and the same holds true for administration."

McDaris said the school system would begin to advertise both in-house and publically for the Brevard High principal's position in February and would follow the protocol of involving faculty, staff and community members in the interview and selection process.

The plan is to hire someone in the spring and have them begin working full-time next summer.

During the six weeks Gibbs will serving as Brevard High principal, his duties at the Morris Education Center will be divided among other central office personnel.

McDaris said that Weaver, senior director of Human Resources; Audrey Reneau, director of K-5 Curriculum, Title I, AIG and after school programs; and Arleca Chapman, director of Career-Technical Education and Student Services; will cover Gibb's duties.

McDaris will also help cover and Gibbs will retain some of his central office administrative duties.

"We'll just all kind of pull together," said McDaris. "We'll cover everything. The public won't see a drop-off."


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