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Help Neighbors Stay Warm


November 14, 2016

I was honored to work at a poll on election day, to help my neighbors do what until now I felt was the most important civic duty we perform. I have learned differently. We have no greater civic duty than to come together in the days after an election, to search for ways to hear the voices of our neighbors to work to help, to offer a hand, to heal divisions. To quote a popular song: “We must stand together. That’s when we all win.”

During a conversation with a kindred spirit the day following the election, I learned the reality of a family in our community experiencing a challenging time. Despite one mother working two jobs to support her children and her own mother, they do not have the finances to keep their oil tank full and, as a result, have had no heat in their home.

After hearing this, I did some research. I discovered that the energy assistance program that provides subsidies for qualifying low income families to pay their heating bill is in high demand and is stretched too thin. Last year, hundreds of families in Transylvania County qualified for these heating subsidies; however, the available funding fell far short of providing for the number of families in need. This winter, the funding will not arrive for distribution in our county until January. That means that, even for those families fortunate enough to obtain funding in January, all of these families will go without heat in their homes for the next month and a half.

A solution to this problem?

If you write a check today to the Sharing House, P.O. Box 958, Brevard, 28712 and on the memo line write “For Heat,” 100 percent of your money will be used towards providing the funds necessary for heating a home.

Sharing House carefully screens every family to assure eligibility and residence in Transylvania County. Henderson Oil,Paxton Pil, Ace Hardware, My Country Store, Freeman Gas or regional woodsmen will deliver energy resources promptly, for the best possible price and with absolute courtesy and respect.

Ensuring our community members are warm this winter is one way we can stand together in support of each other!

Polly Averette



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