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Tickets And Turning


November 14, 2016

Now that the Republicans have won the whole enchilada it will be interesting to see if they have any taste for actual governance and not just nay-saying.

Meanwhile, closer to home I wish to share a couple observations and modest proposals.

1. It is virtually impossible to drive through Brevard without seeing one or more city police or county sheriff’s cars with officers at the wheel. It’s a very adequate number of folks to protect us from one another it would seem. It is also hard to miss the number of vehicles with brake, head, tail and turn signal lights that are out. In some places that is enough to get one pulled over and as we have seen in the news, that can have dire consequences. How about our local authorities starting to write warning tickets to those with defective equipment. The ticket would be satisfied by a bill of sale for the bulb; no fine, no court time but another opportunity to serve.

2. Perhaps traffic would flow smoother through downtown Brevard if a campaign to inform drivers that it is legal to turn right after stopping at a stop sign/light. Much time is spent behind folks who appear to believe they must wait for a green light or for a car approaching from 1/4 mile away to actually arrive at a 4-way stop before they can move forward. They must then wait for pedestrians who will have the right of way to cross the street before proceeding. There is already a local town greeter waving at drivers (unfortunately slowing them down further) who might be commissioned to hold a sign saying “All right to turn right after you stopped. Have a nice day.” Or something.

Just trying to be constructive here during these somewhat contentious times.

Mike Judd



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