Clubs Expand Educational Experiences At BES


January 9, 2017

The BES Glee Club prepares for a performance during a first quarter Title 1 evening event.

Have you ever wanted to write your own book and read to younger children? What about learning to play chess? Or even joining a Glee Club?

Well, at Brevard Elem-entary the fifth graders are getting to do just that! Starting in the fall of 2016, fifth grade students were given the opportunity to choose a club to do on Friday afternoons during their normal Specials time. When the BES administrative team began discussing this idea in the summer, they knew they wanted to give students Club choices, but they wanted it to be within the school day so all fifth graders could participate.

Carrie Norris, BES instructional coach, said, "A lack of transportation often stops students from becoming involved. We wanted to eliminate that factor."

During the first quarter, BES had a wide variety of clubs including crafting, cooking, Bee Fit, the Buzz Media Show, book making, chess, sports, Glee Club and pottery. The first clubs proved to be a great success!

Patti Whitaker, PE assistant and Bee-Fit club leader, shared that her students totally committed to the idea of improving their physical strength. In addition to learning and having fun, the clubs gave the students the opportunity to spend more time with adults they were already familiar with, like their music teacher, or their PE teacher. It also gave students a chance to get to know other adults they may not know as well, like the school counselor and the instructional coach.

For the second quarter, some of the clubs stayed the same, but a few new clubs were introduced. One of those new clubs is The International Club. Students get to "visit" a new country every week and even get a stamp in their very own passport. This was a way for school counselor, Cary Crawford, to share her love of travel.

"Exposing students to different places around the globe was very rewarding," Crawford said.

Also new this quarter is the Drama Club and the Behind the Scenes Art Club, both of which have worked on the Christmas musical, "A Christmas Carol," a production by the BES Chorus. This was a great opportunity for students to be in a production, as well as for students to learn what it takes to be the hard workers behind the scenes.

The final new club this quarter was Club Unify. This was a club that worked in collaboration with BES self-contained classrooms and first and second grade classrooms. Students were able to serve as peer tutors and mentor younger students.

Beth Privette, BES special needs teacher, said, "It is heartwarming to witness fifth graders beginning to understand and interact with special needs students as kids first and kids with a disability second. These fifth graders have become true ambassadors of friendship for BES."

Looking ahead to the third and fourth nine weeks, BES is excited about new additions with clubs. There will be some members of the TCS central office coming to host a club, as well as other community members that want to be involved and offer a subject that they specialize in.

"We look forward to continuing to improve and build on our current club success," said BES Principal, April Gaydosh.

BES is still looking for any community members that may be interested in hosting a club. If this is something that you would be interested in and you can commit to once a week for the whole quarter (nine weeks), contact Carrie Norris,, at BES for more information.


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