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January 12, 2017

I wish to second, endorse and compliment the letter of Lackey Rowe in the Jan. 5 edition of The Transylvania Times. Rowe has devoted his retirement years to hitting nails on their proverbial heads and has done it again.

Friends as far away as California and New Jersey have been teasing me, via emails, phone calls and the occasional Pony Express drop-off about the regression of my birth state into policies typical of the Middle or even Dark Ages by our state legislators who are completely beholden to various corporate CEOs and power brokers.

For one, I am ill and fatigued by the necessity of having to drive to an adjoining state to use the facilities, me being 86 going on 87 and being automatically therefore short on Betz cells and unable to use my cerebellum for anything except keeping my ears apart. Consider the danger of having to cross the South Carolina border for relief in the dark on icy roads in January.

HB2 has become a burden on me and I suspect other octogenarians, several of whom vote. Hickory, Dickery, Mockery! Help us or provide gas money.

Don Richardson



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