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Trump Is Doing An Excellent Job


February 16, 2017

The Jan. 30 issue of The Transylvania Times had two letters which were very critical of our new president without being very specific. I would just like to say that there are some of us who see things differently.

President Trump first showed some level of genius by winning a primary against 16 worthy opponents without spending a dime on advertising. He then won the actual election as what the news people called a “party of one,” without the support of either party. While campaigning, he made some promises, mostly in the form of “tweets” and “sound bites.” He is now starting to keep those promises (unlike many other politicians), and that is making some people nervous.

He is not the demagogue that some claim. He knows his limitations, often asks for advice, and will actually “listen” to someone with an idea, even (maybe especially) when he disagrees with them. This could be seen very clearly in the different ways he and Mrs. Clinton handled one-on-one interviews during the campaign.

The biggest difference between him and Mrs. Clinton is their attitude toward our Constitution. That document is the reason our country is as great as it is today. He respects it as his primary guideline for governance, while she stated that she saw it as a suggestion which we were free to interpret as we saw fit.

So I voted for him, am glad he won, think that so far he has done an excellent job under trying circumstances, and fully expect that history will see him as one of our best presidents ever. But, since he is actively doing things and keeping promises, we can also expect a fair amount of turbulence and surprises over the next eight years. Hang on for what promises to be a very interesting ride!

Allan Roberts



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