By Derek McKissock
News Editor 

Bill Calls For Non- Partisan School Elections – Brevard NC


February 20, 2017

Cody Henson

N.C. Rep. Cody Henson filed a bill Thursday that, if approved, would return Transylvania County Board of Education elections to non-partisan.

Last year, Henson's predecessor in District 113, Chris Whitmire, introduced a bill that changed the school board's elections from non-partisan to partisan.

At the time, candidate Henson, a fellow Republican, spoke out against the move.

"As I stated during the campaign, I don't feel partisan politics should have any place in our schools," Henson said in an email Thursday. "The school board's number one priority should always be what is best for the students."

Tawny McCoy, the chairwoman of the Transylvania County Board of Education, welcomed House Bill (HB) 127.

"I believe serving on the Board of Education is about how to best serve our students, not voting on party lines," she said in an email. "I understand party affiliation can sometimes assist voters in choosing a candidate, but using it in Board of Education elections can cause partisan issues to cloud the focus on our students' best interest. I appreciate and support Rep. Henson introducing HB 127."

As of going to press, neither N.C. Sen. Chuck Edwards, who represents District 48, which includes Transylvania County, nor Aubrey Woodard, chairman of the Transylvania County Republican Party, have replied for comment.

Partisan Judge Elections

Along with three other state lawmakers, Henson is a primary sponsor of HB 100, which, if approved, would return judicial elections for the Superior and District courts to partisan.

"I sponsored HB 100 because I believe that people deserve to have a general idea where their District and Superior court judges stand on many partisan issues," Henson said. "These folks make crucial decisions, some that can affect public safety."


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