Trump Is A Danger


February 20, 2017

In response to Mr. Brendle, as an independent-minded liberal American my greatest fear is that Trump will indeed succeed – succeed in turning the U.S. into a totalitarian dictatorship. This is exactly the track that his actions and his toxic Cabinet appointments tell me he is on.

Make no mistake about it, this man and his cohorts are a danger to our nation and to the world with their coziness to the extreme right, to bigots, to corporate America, to Russia. Trump is their pawn and happy to be doing their dirty work as long as he gets daily doses of ego-pumping publicity.

Never in the history of the U.S. has a president been more unqualified or more incompetent to serve the highest, most honorable office of this nation. Never has a sitting president been so reviled in so short a time. Never has a new president been buried in so many serious scandals in just over a month in office. Never have millions around the world demonstrated so vigorously against a new president and what he represents.

Speak out against him, he shuts down your freedom of speech. State facts, he counters with lies (“alternative facts”) and fake news. Challenge him and he tries to put the blame on the challenger. He shows no respect for anyone. He cares nothing about the American people and has already proved that by the policies he is dictating through executive orders. He is so inarticulate that experienced translators are often at a loss to translate what he says into their language in a way that makes sense.

Trump supporters cite his business experience, but fail to list Trump’s multiple bankruptcies, defaults on loans, business failures and fraud (Trump University). And then there are all the vendors whom Trump refused to pay for work done. How many of them suffered business failures as a result?

I see a success for Trump. Success in becoming the most failed president in U.S. history. I pray that he does not take our nation down with him first.

Never forget, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, not Trump!

Pamela Blevins



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