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Sen. Burr's Alleged Breach Of Trust


March 9, 2017

We read with alarm an article in the Feb. 24 Washington Post. It asserts that Sen. Richard Burr acknowledged doing the Trump administration’s bidding by contacting news organizations to dispute New York Times and CNN articles concerning its contacts with “Russian intelligence operatives.” The same article quotes him as claiming he only spoke about “something…that didn’t breach my responsibilities to the (Senate Intelligence) committee.”

If this report is false, Sen. Burr should flatly deny it. He is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee that is investigating the administration in this matter. These statements indicate his collusion with the administration, which clearly compromises the investigation. If the report is true, it is our fervent hope that he acted in error and, if so, would admit that. If either error or collusion is the case, it would appear to us that he has but three honest options: 1) Recuse himself as chair of the committee. 2) Speak to Sen. McConnell urging retention of an independent special prosecutor to investigate the matter. 3) Speak to Sen. McConnell urging the appointment of a select committee to independently carry out the work of Burr’s committee in this matter.

The reported actions of the administration and Sen. Burr are the antithesis of the checks and balance system of our separate but equal tri-part government. We view them as a severe and grave threat to the republic itself, especially when it involves a country, Russia, which is intent on at least compromising, if not destroying, Western democracy. After observing Sen. Burr’s 22-year political career it is difficult to believe that his intent is to damage America. However, if true, this is an extreme breach of trust of the American people and he should act accordingly to rectify it.

If you too are worried about foreign intervention in American freedoms, your freedoms, we urge you to also question Sen. Burr’s actions through faxes, letters, emails and telephone calls to his offices.

Charles and Charlotte Gilmore

Pisgah Forest


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