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New At The Library: Will Humans Focus On Artificial Life?


March 20, 2017

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


DePoy, Phillip. “The English Agent.” A Christopher Marlowe Mystery. It’s 1583 and Christopher Marlowe’s first play has bombed in Cambridge. So when Queen Elizabeth calls for him, Marlowe is more than happy to travel to Holland to protect William the Silent from assassination. (M FIC DEP)

Hepworth, Sally. “The Mother’s Promise.” It has always just been Alice and her daughter, Zoe. The two have a strong bond, and Alice is a great comfort to Zoe, who struggles with severe anxiety. But when Alice becomes terminally ill, her biggest concern is how Zoe will get along without her. Practically strangers, nurse Kate and social worker Sonja join the mother and daughter to help navigate their fears and their futures, proving that family is about more than genetics. (FIC HEP)

Jenoff, Pam. “The Orphan’s Tale.” Noa takes an infant from a train car headed to a concentration camp and runs into the dark night. She finds a home in a German circus where she learns the flying trapeze act to fit in, also befriending Astrid. The women form a powerful bond, but when Noa’s secret past involving a Nazi and an unplanned pregnancy comes to light, it appears that everything in 16-year-old Noa’s life will be destroyed. (FIC JEN)

Miller, Emily Jeanne. “The News from the End of the World.” Four stories alternate to create a complex narrative of a New England family in the middle of crises. Vance has lost his job and is broke so he moves in with his brother Craig and Craig’s family. Craig is angry and sad; his wife Gina is contemplating an affair, and their 17-year-old daughter Amanda is pregnant and rebellious. (FIC MIL)


Harari, Yuval N. “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.” Harari, the international best-selling author of “Sapiens,” returns to focus on the future of humanity and the quest to turn people into “human gods.” Now that humans have found ways to challenge brutal wars and deadly famines, where will we turn our attention? Harari predicts the attention of the people will turn towards artificial life. (909.83 HAR)

McConnell, Patricia B. “The Education of Will.” A Mutual Memoir of a Woman and Her Dog. Animal behaviorist Dr. McConnell suffered unrelenting trauma and abuse as a child and never dealt with it until she met Will. Will was a defiant, scared Border Collie who helped McConnell face her past as she helped him learn humans can be kind. (636.7 MCC)

O’Shea, Stephen. “The Alps: A Human History from Hannibal to Heidi and Beyond.” A 500-mile stretch of mountainous terrain from France to Austria make up the beautiful, deadly Alps. Both armies and Crusaders alike have trekked this land, and today around 14 million people live among her summits. O’Shea shares the fascinating history of this majestic mountain chain. (949.47 OSH)

Watson, Peter. “Convergence: The Idea at the Heart of Science.” Beginning in the 1850s when Darwin’s theory of evolution was established, the scientific disciplines began to come together into “one overwhelming, interlocking story about the universe.” Since then there has been one advancement after another as we move towards a more cohesive understanding of the natural world. (509 WAT)


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