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March 20, 2017

I see Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the coming year is designed to make America great again. It may do that, but it will be done on the backs of the poor and defenseless. Among his proposed cuts is $3 billion to help poor Americans heat their homes and another $3 billion designed to help those seeking affordable housing or trying to escape homelessness. He also wants to cut money for Meals on Wheels and other items to help the economically disadvantaged. When his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, was questioned about the lack of compassion in such cuts, his response was that they were showing compassion — to the taxpayers!

I hope those 80 percent of evangelical Christians who formed the backbone of Trump’s support are pleased with themselves, for their hero is turning his back on the very people Jesus called his followers to care for.

In addition almost $6 billion will be cut from the NIH, but since millions will now be without health insurance, Trump is simply following the philosophy of Scrooge, who said it would be better for the poor “to die and decrease the surplus population.”

Robert Johnson



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