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Challenges Chappell


March 20, 2017

I would like to comment on Commissioner Jason Chappell’s response to Commissioner Mike Hawkins’ comments on the ACA in last week’s paper. Commissioner Chappell failed to offer any analysis of the effects of the repeal of the ACA and failed to use his own words in describing the plan he supports. He clearly did not read Senate Bill 222, but regurgitated Rep. Sanford’s website. His regurgitation is irresponsible, lazy and dishonest.

The claim that SB 222 would “legalize affordable health care” implies that affordable health care is illegal. SB 222 would allow for a wider variety of plans. There is no guarantee that any of those plans would be affordable, just more numerous.

SB 222 does provide for more access to HSAs; access that is useless if a person has no money to contribute. A tax credit for HSA contributions isn’t incentive for someone with little to no tax liability to forego paying for bills or groceries to fund the account. The non-refundable credit offered by S. 222 only reduces a taxpayer’s liability to $0 and leaves a taxpayer cash-poor until tax time.

Commissioner Chappell states that S. 222 has “no tax credits for elective abortions.” This statement is intentionally misleading. One can currently deduct the expense of a legal abortion as a medical expense if she itemizes deductions and meets a minimum expense requirement. This is not a tax credit. Also, the poorest among us do not itemize, but opt to take the standard deduction.

Commissioner Chappell’s most insincere statement is that S. 222 is a “free market” solution by representatives who believe in “limited government.” If this were a true free market solution, it wouldn’t dictate how one spends his HSA. If these representatives believed in limited government, they wouldn’t dictate that an HSA cannot pay for a legal abortion. They would leave that decision to HSA holders. Apparently, the House Freedom Caucus only believes in freedom for those who believe as they do.

I challenge Commissioner Chappell to make a real statement concerning the repeal and replacement of the ACA and the potential effects for his constituents.

Jessica Gallagher



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