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March 20, 2017

Donald Trump has become president and filled his Cabinet and staff with people of dubious political backgrounds. Based on comments, past history, bill proposals and funding allocations, here a few of the things we can expect from the people in the White House.

•Attempts to silence freedom of speech.

•Shuttering of the media.

•Stripping citizens of health care.

•Reducing or eliminating Medicare and Medicaid.

•Attacks on Social Security.

•Air, land and water becoming more polluted.

•Dismissing scientific facts.

•Attempts to sell off public lands.

•Seizing of the National Labor Relations Board in order to destroy workers’ rights.

•Falling wages – elimination of the federal minimum wage.

•Giant tax cuts for corporations and the superrich.

•Allowing businesses to discriminate in hiring, paying, promoting and firing workers.

•Public schools defunded, with tax-payer money going to unaccountable private schools.

•Food and drugs becoming unsafe for consumption.

•A “war” with Islam.

•An infrastructure project that will hand billions of dollars over to corporations who could end up owning the public buildings, roads, systems they work on.

•Repeal of Dodd Frank and the Fiduciary Rule resulting in the same Wall Street activities that led to the 2008 recession which left behind a debt that exceeded the global GDP.

If any of these issues are a concern to you, I suggest you call your representatives.

Samuel Cathey

Lake Toxaway


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