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President Has No Agenda


April 20, 2017

Surprisingly, I have discovered that Charles Brendle and I are in concurrence that the current president is successfully pursuing his agenda.

Not so surprisingly, we clearly do not agree on the nature of the agenda the president is pursuing. Brendle posits that the president’s agenda has been expressed in his ineffectual bombing of an airport in Syria, with prior notification of Syria’s primary supporter, Russia, before that $59 million expenditure of explosive ordinance was launched. Brendle’s articulation of that agenda is that the current president “sets a tone that says I am going to do what I say I am going to do.”

I would suggest that the president is setting a tone of doing exactly the opposite of what he has said he would do. For example, the president has not yet released his tax returns, despite having indicated on multiple occasions that he would do so, if elected. (We can also agree that the auditing of those returns does not preclude his releasing them.) In direct contradiction of what he, in multiple tweets, indicated President Obama should do with Syria when its president used gas weapons on his own peoples, he attacked Syria. Finally, and this list is not exhaustive, he indicated that President Obama spent too much time on the golf course, and that he himself would eschew such frivolous recreation, instead spending his time working in the White House; by April 10, the president has been on the courses or the clubhouse 16 times (his staff keeps the public from knowing exactly he is doing while “at the club”); in stark contrast, President Obama’s first round of golf while serving as president occurred on April 26, 2009.

In truth, the current president does not have an agenda. He is like a ball bearing in a pinball machine — impulse followed by lots of flashing lights and sound and, in the end, nothing but coins lost in a slot.

Peter Mockridge



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