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Protect Steel Creek


April 20, 2017

As Earth Day approaches once again, I want to give a shout-out to the Clean Water Act and its notable success since it was passed in 1972. Prime among its successes within living memory was the cleanup of the French Broad River. We now take it for granted that our government agencies will always protect us from those who would ignore its requirements at the expense of downstream neighbors.

But we really only begin to appreciate this act when we see the unmistakable result of its failure spread out before us, like the current spectacular erosion and sedimentation now occurring on the formerly pristine Steel Creek headwaters of the Little River in Cedar Mountain. We who live a bit farther downstream on Little River are extremely thankful to the Sequoyah Woods homeowners, whose formerly lovely lake is now serving as the major sediment trap still partially protecting Little River and its trout waters from this disaster.

Who knows how this will end? Both the state and the Army Corps of Engineers are involved, but the wheels of environmental enforcement grind exceedingly slowly, and extreme environmental degradation is hard to undo.

Let us remember the fundamental message of Earth Day – that we humans are stewards of our Earth, and rightly so, as we are entirely dependent on it for life itself.

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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