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Dueling Rules Change


June 19, 2017

Way to go America. Another hateful, political, blood shedding induced, assassination attempt.

Might I add that Washington, D.C., Congressional politicians and White House occupants when verbally challenged, abide by the most recent and appropriate rule changes for dueling.

First, no more white glove slap on the face from the other side of the aisle. To challenge and/or accept a challenge — both vile, bad-mouthing politicians now must kick the fender of opponent’s car.

Second, the public can expect without the rule change that both combatants will continue to shoot themselves in the foot in keeping with Congress’s and White House’s previous and present conduct. Maybe, just maybe, American citizens can get a leg up on what goes on in Washington’s inner circle and vote more intelligently to improve their behavior.

Currently, one side is at a perpetual wake over their presidential loss. The opposition is in a defensive posture. So the above dueling rule state of mind change is necessary before we have another Alexander Hamilton / Aaron Burr fatal confrontation. The world is watching and laughing at us. This is no joke, America.

Mike Di Rocco



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