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'Urinetown' Was Funny, Wonderful


July 10, 2017

“Urinetown, The Musical” was Brevard Little Theater’s most recent production.

Yes, the title is unusual, but if you ask one of the many people who attended one of our eight performances, you will discover that the show was funny and the music was wonderful! I was delighted to be part of this talented cast and want to publicly thank the responsive audiences who came out to support our efforts.

I also want to thank those companies who sponsored the show – Broad River Insurance, Gaia Herbs, Harris Ace Hardware, Brevard Animal Hospital, United Community Bank, Eli Carnahan Lighting Design and Transylvania Vocational Services. They, along with the Drama Kings and Drama Queens, helped make our production possible. And our producers, Mark and Sandy Thompson, are to be commended for all of their behind-the-scenes hard work.

I have been involved in BLT off and on for 37 years. In that time, I have seen many of the same faces over and over again. One of the things I enjoyed the most about this production were the new faces, especially those folks who were from outside Brevard. Other area theater groups often attract performers from far and wide and it is great to see that happening here too. This fresh new talent brought with them a new audience to support our performances and many of these young people blanketed our show on social media, which attracted even more ticket holders.

Hopefully the board of Brevard Little Theater will consider new shows and larger casts when selecting their programs for the future. Even newer shows with unusual titles like “Urinetown” prove that it is worth the chance. We brought in some of the biggest audiences this year and introduced some new fans to live theater.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this a memorable show for so many people. It was a privilege to perform with you!

Cheryl Walkup



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