Scenic Corridor


August 28, 2017

Those of us who live in the Cedar Mountain area were gratified by the reception given to the Friends of 276 Heritage group at the Transylvania County Planning Board meeting on Aug. 17. The Planning Board was very receptive to our effort to establish a “Scenic Corridor” on Highway 276 from the South Carolina border to the city limit of Brevard. This is currently an area of small craft shops, restaurants and markets, and we hope to keep it “green and rustic,” preserving the understated signage, and especially by limiting “off premise” signs (billboards).

Special thanks to Jan Nickerson of Connestee Falls, and to Jane Adair, who said that, “Many of us came to Transylvania County for the mountain esthetic ‘vibe,’ and if we lose our vibe, we become just any county in America.”

And special thanks to Mark Burrows, Joy Fields and the members of the Planning Board who listened attentively to our requests. After some further work, the proposed ordinances will go to the county commissioners for their meeting on Oct. 10.

Margaret Napier

Cedar Mountain


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